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Friday, February 24, 2006

LOST in Burlington?

LOST, as I call it, or alternatively, the local option sales tax...

The debate has been starting to heat up in Burlington over this issue.
Take a drive down North Avenue, and amongst the Candidate signs, you'll see other signs, specifically Put a Roof on Property Taxes and Vote Yes on 2 (which were recently put up in the past couple of days).

Of course as most everyone knows now the Put a Roof Signs were placed by Tarrant's campaign; however when looking at the Vote Yes on 2 signs, all that is stated is Paid for by Vote Yes on 2, and that it is not funded by Taxpayer dollars.

Those that watch Ch.3 know that last week, Clavelle came out against Tarrant's Roof signs, saying what suggestions does he have on how to approach the looming Burlington deficit; Tarrant wasn't available for comment, as he was out of the state at the time. And at the same press conference, Clavelle vowed to spread the word about supporting #2 on the ballot... so perhaps the Vote Yes on 2 funder of the signs is a PAC that Clavelle has started.


She's Right said...

LOST - I like it. Did you come up with that?

Just because it lost once doesn't mean they will stop trying to pass it.

Gotta love the creativity coming out of City Hall!

Haik Bedrosian said...

I didn't know Tarrant Paid for those signs. When I first saw them, I thought they were ads for a roofing company.

She's Right said...

Haik, that is so funny - I did too!

The worst part is that I knew Tarrant was starting that campaign and I still thought they were signs for a roofing company.