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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Real-time Ch. 17 results - without cable!

A picture of me at one of our Ethan Allen Park signwaves...

Well, we're back, after a 12 hour 15 minute stand at the Ward Seven polling place, where Jeremy amazingly (with very little sleep mind you) only took one 5 minute break for the ENTIRE time (starting at 6:45AM this morning)! All other Ward 7 council candidates took several breaks throughout the day and actually left the polling place several times!

Anyway, we're back home recovering from this tiresome session... & I notice that Ch. 17 is offering a webstream of their election results:
Ch. 17 Election results

Just thought I'd mention this to those without cable, who are wondering what the results are...


Heavenly said...

Unofficial Ward 7 Council numbers from Ch. 17:
Decelles (R) - 713
Blais (I) - 534
Cole (D) - 503
Ryan (L) - 68
(4% of the total votes)
So, there will be a run-off election between Decelles and Blais.

Not bad for our first time foray into politics :)

Huge thanks to everyone that supported us with their vote today!

Haik Bedrosian said...

Congratulations on a hard fought campaign, you two. You'll get 'em next time!

Heavenly said...

Thanks Haik for your support & for coming out to vote!

Every person that seemed to turn towards our direction yesterday at the polls, I personally thanked them for taking the time to come out to vote... even if they were voting for another candidate, or had a different opinion on issues than we did.

Thanks again to our fellow Ward Seven neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for running and for being interested. Hope you'll stay interested.

Heavenly said...

Most definately Anonymous, and thanks for the post! :)

Jeremy and I already have a new podcast out, check it out at:

And Jeremy's always posting about issues on his site, which has now converted to a blog:

Heavenly said...

Also, for those that haven't heard yet, the Runoff election for Ward 7 will be this coming Tuesday, March 21st. The polls wil be open again from 7AM-7PM at Hunt Middle School.