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Friday, May 12, 2006

Burlington gives extensions to 4 late applicants in debt

This entry's a bit delayed, as it was to be posted on May 1st... it's been wicked busy for work lately... but without further ado, here it is:

Just heard about this article from the Vermont Hum blog's 4/30/6 entry , and couldn't believe what I read... the city allowing select applicants get by the rules... Does it seem fair to allow this to happen to some establishments, and not let all the other businesses get by as well?

Here's the article from John Briggs:

City grants liquor-license extensions to late applicants

This issue will further be discussed at Monday's Council meeting.


Anonymous said...

There's an interesting article by Bill Keogh in the North Avenue News in which he opines that the extensions are actually illegal.

Anonymous said...

Is that similar to Bushes "opinion" that wiretapping is legal?

Anonymous said...

Not really, because he's quite specific as to the specific laws and how they were broken. I assume that you value your credibility enough not to have commented without having read the article - which part of Keogh's allegations do you have an issue with?

Anonymous said...

If he had not allowed these businesses to renew their licenses, people like you would have whined that he was anti-business.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you didn't actually read the article? How surprising.

The license extensions could have been accomplished in a legal fashion. The Kiss administration chose not to go that route.

Anonymous said...

Yes, throw him in jail. You're a whiner. I'm going to see to it he raises your taxes and no one else's.

Anonymous said...

"You're a whiner."

Funny, that's what Cheney said when people complained about the wiretapping.